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If you would like to make an inquiry please feel free to contact Erin directly. Click here to send a message.


You can also follow her on Instagram or Facebook: @erinbranscumart

Erin Branscum is a graduate of the University of Texas, where she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art and a Certifications of Business Foundations. She has lived in Texas her entire life and grew up taking art classes throughout grade school. Erin has always focused on fine arts, specifically painting and drawing and photography. She has continued her passion for art in college, enhancing her skills in studio art, mostly oil painting, film and digital photography, and printmaking. Erin now lives and works in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where she continues to make artwork, as well as teaches art to K-8 grade students.


Erin's artwork deals with the relationship and connection between humans and the environment and landscape in both her paintings and photography. She is most interested in documenting her own relationship and experiences with the environment, especially in her paintings, and focuses on capturing the everyday life moments in her photography. 



         Western Colorado University, Masters of Education, May              2022


University of Texas at Austin, BFA Studio Art, December 2018

University of Texas at Austin, Certification of Business Foundations, December 2018


       2023  -   Yampa Valley Arts and Culture Guide

       2018 - The ASA Blog, "Artist Spotlight" 

Installations and Murals

       2023 - One River, Many Fish - Group installation with                                 Steamboat Springs School District  art teachers and                         5th grade students, permanently installed in Routt                           County Health and Human Services Building



     2023 - Views of Routt County, Steamboat Springs,                                 Colorado, The Art Depot

     2017 - Halls and Walls Gallery, University of Texas College of                    Fine Arts


     2023 - present - Riverwalk Collective, Group of local                            artists in Steamboat Springs, CO, permanently                            showing at  The Art Depot

     2020 - Autumn Show, The Art Depot Gallery, Steamboat  

                  Springs, CO

     2020 – If Hope Was An Ice Cream Float, The Art           

                    Depot Gallery, Steamboat Creates, Steamboat

                   Springs, CO


     2019 – If I Find The Things I Wish To See, BFA Thesis                                 Show, Austin, TX

     2018 – E.A.S.T., ArtStartArt student show, Austin, TX

                   Untitled, VAC Gallery, University of Texas at Austin


​     2017 – Millie Otto, Santa Chiara Study Center, Learning 

                  Tuscany Study Abroad Program, Castiglion Fiorentino, 



        Mille Otto, VAC Gallery, University of Texas at



        Halls and Walls Gallery, University of Texas College of          Fine Arts


        Studio Art Exhibition, Department of Fine Arts 

        Basement, University of Texas at Austin

     2015 – Dallas Museum of Art Young Masters Program,                                 Dallas, Texas


     2015 - Texas Visual Arts Association, Student Art Exhibition,                      University of Texas at Dallas


    Fine Arts Teacher, Sleeping Giant School - August 2021 -                              present

     Special Education Paraprofessional, Steamboat Springs

                  Middle School -  August 2020 - June 2021

     Student Outreach and Communications Intern,               

                  ArtStartArt LLC.  - January 2019 - May 2019


     2019 - College Scholar, College of Fine Arts

     2018 - College Scholar, College of Fine Arts

     2017 –  Departmental painting scholarship nomination

     2016 –  College Scholar, College of Fine Arts

     2015  -  Dallas Museum of Art, honorable mention,                            Young Masters Program


     2015  - “Best of Show” Grapevine High School Art                             Show

     2015  - "District Award" Congressional Art Show,                               Grapevine, Texas


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