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Welcome to my site!

If you know me, you may know I am an artist. If you don't know me or knew me but did not know that fact about me, well, now you know! I am a student at the University of Texas at Austin, working towards my BFA in studio art and certificate in business. I love to paint- mostly oils, some watercolor and acrylic- draw, and photograph. Hopefully if you are reading this you have had a chance to look at my gallery of work and collection of photographs. If not, please do!

I am not sure why, by I have never shared my work until just now, besides my immediate family and close friends. Maybe it was because I have been scared to show my work and hear what people think about it. Or, it was because I am just a procrastinator who could never find enough time to sit down and publish a site or post my work. Well, here we are! I finally spent the time to make my website and publish my artwork for the public to see!

I hope you enjoy my artwork and my new website! Please feel free to share my name and site with friends and family. If you you would like to make a purchase, are interested in commission, or have any other inquiries, don't hesitate to contact me! Thank you and enjoy :)

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